Sunday, January 22, 2017

Surgery on Friday! Robert is hoping to avoid amputation...

Kamusta!!! Ito si [how are you!!! This is] Elder Fawson, signing in.

That's fun it's been raining a lot on you all. Masyadong baliktad, pero masaya naman (sort of backwards, but fun anyways).[usually in Robert’s letters he does not translate when he writes in Tagolog and I use google translate and insert the translation. I did this one even though he provided his own translation and it said “quite the reverse, but happy”. I thought it was funny to compare with Robert’s translation :)] It's been pretty sunny and warm over here. Just last night it started to rain again, and even now as I type the sky is punong puno ng mga ulap [filled with clouds], just waiting to dump all that cloud juice on me. :) 

I told you last week that I would hopefully be getting my camera back so I could get some photos of Baste's baptism. Well I did, so you can all rejoice to see another updated version of my face. :) It was a super awesome baptism. Elder Carel was the one who baptized. Probably because Baste is really short and they wanted to save the the trouble of bending over so far. haha It's so fun having baptisms!!!
BFG at the baptism!
This week was pretty busy! On Tuesday was interviews with Pres. Ostler which is always a nice treat! I like talking to him. He's so wise. Wednesday was zone meeting which was fun too. It was held at the Guadalupe chapel which is where I went to church every week in my first area. It was a fun reminiscent experience. Thursday we went to the MRC (basically a missionary doctors office) and Elder Carel mercilessly got a tooth ripped out of his face. He was told it was just a check-up. Hindi pala [But it is not]. They had something a bit more up their sneaky little sleeves! haha On Friday I had a surprise baptismal interview for another district because the district leader who was supposed to do it couldn’t because he was still recovering from also having a tooth ripped out and still couldn't talk. haha Saturday was Baste's baptism which I've already mentioned, and yesterday was my second time my entire mission to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I talked about missionary work and guilt-tripped all the members into giving us more referrals. It worked out pretty good considering the fact that we got 2 just after the meeting ended. hahaha I've come to learn that the power of one's own guilty conscience exceeds that of even the Home Depot. :) hahahhahahahaha 

So yeah. Crazy week. And this upcoming weeks gonna be a busy one too. We've got a couple trips to St. Luke’s this week. One on Wednesday for Elder Carel, and one of Friday for myself. I told Sister Turner (the mission nurse) about my toe and she set me up an appointment for surgery. I was so afraid that you may never get a chance to see my toe again if something goes wrong in the surgery and they decide to amputate, that I took a photo for you to always remember my beautiful big toe. Maybe you can make it your screen saver or something. :) haha
Poor Robert's ingrown toe nail that he has had for months :(
That's cool Mom that you had a sweet prayer experience this week. I love it when those happen. I think that prayer is one of the best blessings we have here on this world. It truly is the best way to get closer to Jesus Christ. To get a good relationship with our Heavenly Father, we need to do the same things we do to get a good relationship with anyone. Talk to him. The thing that some people don't recognize is that he will always talk back too. Not necessarily through a crazy visitation, but through the Holy Ghost, and the scriptures. I love praying. 

So yeah. That about sums up all I've been doing the past few days. I hope you all are having a fun time. I know I am!

Elder Fawson

P.S. Enjoy the photos!!! :)

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