Sunday, February 5, 2017

I've looked around here for some shoes but they are all Filipino sized.

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This week was really awesome! We have lots of awesome things happening in this area and lots of investigators that are progressing to baptism. One of them in particular is super close, si Tatay Dorriteo. He has come to church 3 times in a row all on his own and even yesterday when our church was changed to start a little earlier from 9:00 to 8:30 he was one of the first people there. On saturday he said, "Okay, I'll be there a little early so I for sure won't be late." then he was there at 7:45, just standing outside the gate because the person with the key wasn't there yet. He's so amazing. His baptismal interview will be this Saturday and then his baptism on the 18th. It's too bad I won't be able to make it.
Robert at last week's Zone Conference
Robert's Zone in Makati City

Now you may all be a bit confuzzled at that last comment about me not making it to Dorriteo's baptism, so let me shed some light on the subject. I'm being transferred this Wednesday. I was so surprised because I only just got here a month and a half ago. Not only am I being transferred, but I'm going back to Roxas Palawan. And not only am I being transferred back to Palawan. The most surprising is yet to come. I'm going to be a zone leader over there. I'm kind of nervous about this new responsibility, but my companion will be Elder Cortez, my zone leader and kabahay from Pamplona, my last area. He's super fun, so that's good! (Mom, this transferring to Palawan is why I don't have more time to look for more shoes. If I couldn't find any here, it'll be even harder on Palawan. Roxas is a pretty secluded spot too, a couple hours away from the city.) I'm super excited to be going back to Palawan though! There's a super magandang [good] beach right next to the apartment daw [it is said], so you can all be lookin' forward to some sweet photos over there! :)

I never did get my shoe back. Probably that taxi driver planted a coconut tree in my shoe by now and is planning to become a buko juice [coconut water] vender guy that walks down the streets with his cart shouting to the world "Buko! Buko!" Those people are always fun. I like the Taho [yogurt] guys most though. :) Pretty much I've just been walking around with my one shoe, and a flip flop for the last week. It's actually a good OYMing tool. Lots of people ask, "Bakit meron kang isang tsinelas?" [Why do you have a slipper?] then I say, "Kasi naka-surgery ang daliri ko ng paa, so kailangan ko siyang ingatin. Mga missionaries kami ng Ang simbahan ni Jesucriso ng mga banal ng mga huling araw. Nakilala po ba kayong mga miss...." [Because of my ‘finger of the foot’ surgery I was taken in. We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Latter Days....]and that's how it goes about 10 times a day. Sometimes more. hahaha  

Here's the situation. I left my shoes that I usually use at my last apartment in Las Pinas because they were super trashed on the inside, so I was using my fisherman sandals here, so now I only have a fisherman sandal for my left foot. I still have my Keens though, but I think it would be a good idea to have another pair so I don't kill my keens then have nothing to use after that. I've looked around a bit here for some shoes, but they are all Filipino sized. I don't need another fisherman sandal, because I still have my keens. :) Feel free to slip a tube of Crest toothpaste in the package if it's not too much trouble. They don't have Crest in the Philippines, and I'm almost out. I've just been brushing my teeth so often these days. :) hahahahahahahaha

Guess what I just remembered. When I was at the hospital before my surgery they took my weight, and I weigh 76 kilos. Wanna know how many pounds that is? 167. Wanna know how much I weighed before my mission? 167. Cool huh? I weigh the same now as I did before.

I really don't have anymore super exciting stuff to say that can compare with what has already been said other than this. Mahal ko kayo! :)

Elder Fawson

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