Thursday, October 22, 2015

39 hours after dropping Rob at the airport...

Hey mom! They gave me about 5 minutes to say that I am alive and well. It's nice to know you're not all wallowing in my absence. haha My trip here was really long a boring. On the whole way from Los Angeles to Tokyo the kid next to me was playing his DS and even offered it to me a couple times to play. It took a lot of will power but I overcame temptation and politely declined. :) Already I've had some trials. hahaha It's noon here so I could be eating lunch right now, but I decided to send word to you first, so you better appreciate it!!! :) My companion is named Elder Ziseger and he had a really sweet hair shwoopy thing going on, but they just snipped it off about 6 minutes ago, so that's too bad. keep him in your prayers haha just kidding. He's not remoursing too much. I love you!!!
Elder Fawson

It is a relief to know his sense of humor is in tact and all is well. 

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